tokyo philharmonic singapore 2014 (20/03)

conducted by: eiji oue
violin: kyoko takezawa

programme b:
toshiro mayuzumi: BUGAKU ballet in two parts
piotr ilyich tchaikovsky: violin concerto in D major, op. 35 *
igor stravinsky: the rite of spring

my personal favourite from the programme was actually the stravinsky piece. i preferred it a little more than the tchaikovsky, although the latter was remarkable. as written in the programme, toshiro mayuzumi’s piece was one that highlighted aspects of japanese music and culture, having gained credence at certain operas and shows. the technique of the orchestra was undoubtedly flawless in performing the pieces, yet occasionally i felt lapses in the presence of emotions. i don’t quite know how to explain it, it seems more of an intuitive perspective here. i didn’t feel as engaged in the first piece though.

the violinist was absolutely fantastic in tchaikovsky’s piece, extremely expressive and she executed all the running notes and dynamics with such intensity and perfection that i was left in awe. she was simply. amazing. perhaps because i have a bias towards stravinsky (or rather, just this piece since i don’t really have a preference towards his pieces on a usual basis) i was able to appreciate the nature of the piece and the complementing sounds of the timpani with the brasses.

in general, the pieces selected were effective in displaying the skills of the orchestra although admittedly i didn’t enjoy it as much as i could or should have. this does not make them any less skillful because they really were, and are.


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