mosaic music festival 2014: lucy rose (14/03)



watch over
i tried
night bus
middle of the bed
cover up
all i’ve got
red face

be alright
don’t you worry

it was a really lovely night spent in the recital studio listening to her sing. initially she was a little awkward but i loved the other members of the band as well; my favourite part of the whole concert was how all of them seemed so into the performance – as though they were just jamming by themselves and they really looked as though they were enjoying themselves. and that really sufficed for a good performance.

of course, she was such a darling and her accent was absolutely adorable. later on she shared that they were running on about four hours of sleep, and i really liked their humility as well. as they came back on stage for the encore, we were placated by her soothing voice in song as though speaking to us: don’t you worry, i’m staying here.


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