mosaic music festival 2014: alpine (15/03)


setlist: can’t seem to find it anywhere, but among those that they played i remember lovers 1, hands, gasoline, seeing red

what i loved about this was the energy of all of them. absolutely engaging and energetic, they made it even easier for the audience to really get into the music just like they were. of course, the personalities were a plus as well. it goes without saying that they were really good live, even better than on recordings. the whole concert was fun and enjoyable because they made it so. in fact, i considered going in again for the second show since i went for the first one that night.

the location was also really good for the concert – it was a standing concert, yet i don’t suppose any of us minded that it was. it also seemed cosy enough for people to be comfortable to really enjoy the music. the duration of the concert could have been a little longer though, when it ended i thought it was over way too soon.


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