hostess club weekender: the national (22/02)

don’t swallow the cap
i should live in salt
mistaken for strangers
bloodbuzz ohio
sea of love
afraid of everyone
squalor victoria
i need my girl
this is the last time
slow show
pink rabbits
about today
fake empire

mr. november
terrible love
vanderlyle crybaby geeks

i loved this so much. so, so much. they started on time, and were so good live. especially with the trumpet and trombone, so skillfully played with good tone. my favourite songs were this is the last time, and i teared when they played about today. his deep, soothing, baritone voice resonated even in the open area that the concert was held in, and i felt heartache because of the words and how the words were sung.

when they came back for the encore, the most beautiful moment was when they gathered at the front of the stage to play vanderlyle; an almost-acoustic song with the audience singing along to all the words very very loudly. i thought about how music binds people together and how beautiful that is. of course, i related so much to terrible love (it takes an ocean not to break) and nothing can beat hearing it played live. during mr november, matt took the risk of going down to the audience – really great interaction and engagement and everyone went absolutely crazy because it was mr november and because matt was amongst the audience. i often admire artists for their courage in entering the audience because some people can be crazy, yet they still do it anyway, to show their appreciation for us fans, i suppose.

i thoroughly enjoyed myself and i think this was almost as good as phoenix.


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