empire of the sun (21/02)


(unable to procure the setlist yet…)

personally not that great a fan of eots, but went along anyway because i liked what i heard from youtube. they were close to an hour late before they started and it did not leave the best impression, did not make it that great a start either. i really think musicians should practice punctuality instead of making the audience wait, it just seems rude to make the audience wait when they have already paid for the concert. at least the company i had was good and i managed to more or less enjoy myself.

they were of course undeniably good live, and the effort put in to hiring the dancers with such eccentric and elaborate costumes was commendable. the lighting was fabulous, really, and they managed to engage the audience sufficiently. i was really close-up so i had the privilege of having a great view. i was, however, subject to the misfortune of standing right in front of an obnoxiously loud and large dude, who later on proceeded to shove me aside just so he could grab luke steele when he was remotely near the crowd. not the best crowd to be with, evidently.

overall a rather enjoyable night though, the weather was good and they were good live. especially with famous songs like we are the people and alive.


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