her (2013)


“the past is just a story we tell ourselves”

incredibly poignant yet somewhat hopeful in a twisted way. most importantly, a new way of looking at love – first, can human beings really fall in love with operating systems? if someone spends sufficient time communicating with another person/object, will it necessarily lead to love? those were the questions that came to mind when i was watching it; including the most pressing one – is love then possibly induced?

a personally harrowing experience in the process of watching the film because of all the emotions that i felt and could not process simply because i just could not fathom the possibility of technology rivaling human beings in terms of emotional capacity. i could not fathom how people would choose to communicate with their operating systems when other people are just next to them, and it made me rethink the role played by technology in our lives today – how we almost never look up when walking around anymore because we are looking at our phones, etc.

“sometimes i think i’ve felt everything i’m ever going to feel & from here on i’m not going to feel anything new. just lesser versions of what i’ve already felt”

the cinematography was amazing and it felt extremely surreal; especially when the flashbacks occurred – they brought me back to my personal past as well, which was close to excruciating. the script was really good; here the importance of words was brought out so well that i don’t even know how to put it in words.

this was about love about loss about grief and mourning, how sometimes love means that one party has to leave for a better place. this was about coming to terms with loss and being courageous enough to acknowledge that there is a better future out there, no matter how painful the loss was.

“i’ve never loved anybody the way i loved you”
“me too. now we know how.”

now we know.


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