strauss festival – don juan SSO (18 jan)

sso 18jan 2014


R. STRAUSS – don juan
R. STRAUSS – duet-concertino
DVOŘÁK – symphony no. 9 in e minor, op. 95 ‘from the new world’

conducted by choo hoey, featuring ma yue (clarinet) and zhang jin min (bassoon)

my favourite piece of the three was definitely new world. first, the orchestra was really compact and i especially loved how the woodwinds’ sounds blended so perfectly with the brass’ and strings. especially soulful and this was the one that made me give them a standing ovation for at least twenty minutes… i don’t quite know how to put it in words but i was so immensely moved.

the duet was also really pleasant and a joy to listen to; there’s just something about music that makes people happy or sad… music is magical.

i sat next to a man from china who was here for six weeks on a business trip. we spoke of the differences between china and singapore, and he was intrigued to know that i study history. we talked a little about politics and history in china and he was so delighted to find that i actually knew all of this. after the concert we marveled at what we just heard and then parted ways.


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