phoenix (@ the star vista) 15 jan 2014


long distance call
too young / girlfriend
the real thing
trying to be cool / drakkar noir / chloroform
run run run
consolation prizes
s.o.s. in bel air

if i ever feel better/funky squaredance

in terms of technicality: the acoustics were really good and there was a lot of effort put in for the screen at the background

although they were slightly awkward initially because there was not much verbal interaction with the audience thomas mars made up for all of it by courageously getting off the stage and going around the crowd just to shake their hands or, in some cases, be forced into selfies with them and get his hair ruffled various times. especially at the end of the concert when he thanked everyone for attending it; he was so adorable and brave

my favourite is and was lisztomania but the goodness was not limited to just that song; the whole concert was so dancey and fun and i don’t think you have to be a fan in order to enjoy it. at the encore, the first song they played was the acoustic version of countdown which was a break from all the upbeat songs previously played in the night and for a moment hearing his voice so clear along with everyone’s voices echoing along moved me.

definitely one of the best concerts i’ve been to

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