sg biennale 2013 pt2 (NMS)

in addition to the biennale, there was also an exhibition on the history of singapore art (and the television, which i did not go for) — overall it is worth paying a visit to the biennale because firstly it is free for all singapore citizens and secondly you won’t know what you’ll find or learn until you see things for yourself (experiential learning)

the pieces that i liked:

crystal palace: the great exhibition of the works of industry of all nuclear nations (2012-2013) – ken, julia yonetani; this was hauntingly beautiful because of how it presented the issues that it was tackling which was based on the environment and the effects of nuclear power. primarily, it was a response to the fukushima daiichi nuclear power incident in japan in 2011 which, as everyone is aware, had grave and wide-reaching repercussions (reminds me of the concept of ‘total war’…)

unsubtitled (2010) video installation – nguyen trinh thi; individual projections of people were on display and they were filmed eating, after which they would introduce themselves, as though they were being interrogated. what stood out to me was the political sentiment as well as the lack of translation provided (as suggested in the title ‘unsubtitled’) which seemed to be a form of silencing the people from all walks of life, seemingly representative of society

these are some of the other works that caught my attention, chua mia tee’s work at the very left. i realised that i actually have a preference for his works because of the style that is a little classical or reminiscent of the renaissance, yet set in local context.

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