sg biennale 2013 pt1 (SAM + 8Q)


i spent at least three hours in this area of the biennale because there were so many artworks and there are so many talented people in the world, so many voices wanting to be heard.

in one of the exhibitions there was a white screen and a family was taking photographs while posing and i stood behind the father(photographer) and took photographs of the mother and son as well and they were having so much fun. after they were done they laughed, embarrassed, and apologised for blocking the way but i said no it’s fine thank you so much that was really beautiful.

the artwork that i liked:


longing (2013) installation & 7 single-channel video – chi too; a room was provided for individuals to balance the spirit level on their head while longing for someone. it had a meditative effect and i really enjoyed that especially poignant moment in meditation for myself

superbarbara saving the world (2012) single-channel video 11 episodes, 18:10mins – boonsri tangtrongsin; my favourite part of this series of videos was the one on SDI for good reasons. superbarbara is a blow-up doll but she saves the world so it reevaluates perspectives on convention and morality to some sense

the 5 principle no-s (2012) installation – iswanto hartono

monument for a present future (2013) single-channel video and mixed media installation – kiri dalena; my fascination was with the different body parts scattered on the ground, mostly because of the fetal positions that most of the torsos were in. a silent cry for attention


sorry for the inconvenience-5 fingers (2013) 5-channel video and sound – mariano “manny” g. montelibano iii; you must see this for yourself


between worlds (2013) installation with leather puppets in glass bottles – nasirun; i liked the use of flasks and scientific equipment to store the puppets while all the bottles formed a structure that resembled a religious building–it appeared to me as the clash (or coexistence) between science/development and tradition/religion


the sick classroom (2013) 27 wooden sculptures and classroom furniture – mandalay; things concerning education are always the ones i relate more strongly to and the interactive nature of this ‘classroom’ allowed viewers/participants to experience how it might be like to be one of the students, also because the artist aimed to point out the flaws of the education system in myanmar

long live food (2012) digital print – poodien; my favourite part of this was how the little red books were replaced with ipads, this also made me laugh

cosmology of life (2013) installation wood – toni kanwa; this was intriguing because the sculptures were tiny and magnifying glasses were provided so we could look at the sculptures–i felt like a ‘higher being’ and thought this must be what god(or whichever higher being) feels like when he looks upon the earth and mankind

el fin del mundo (the end of the world) (2012) 2-channel hd video installation – moon kyungwon, jeon joonhoo; the cinematography was amazing for both videos and there was interaction between the videos even though they were shown on separate screens and seemed to be running different storylines


happy and free (2013) video installation – boo junfeng; this made me laugh so much i had to leave the room – as you enter the room the glorification of the merger of singapore and malaya (equals to malaysia) greets you from proud posters hanging on the walls and the video seemed so absurd (and ironical because we all know what happened in 1965) i just had to laugh

the old man and the sea (2013) photographs, single-channel projection – erica lai; this stood out because of the literary reference (hemingway!) and in the room of portraits with accompanying sentences, a screen showing a black balloon reminded me of a song by kings of convenience

the aesthetics of disappearing (2006) – thuan; what i enjoyed the most about this was the way the photographs were displayed – in the form of a picture slideshow, oldschool and nostalgic. i also liked the photographs and sometimes that’s really about it


ghost of capitol theatre (2013) video installation – royston tan; the concept of projecting the video against the backdrop of seats is a subversion of the relationship between the audience and the stage (especially in theatre-significance) which was very interesting to me


exorcise me (2013) 4-channel video installation, 2:30mins – sookoon ang; mainly about adolescence and the struggle of self-identity in the face of growing up. what i liked was the silence and the arrangement of the screens to form four walls which enclosed the individual and in a way forces the individual to also evaluate his/her identity

evidently i seem to have an inclination of preference towards video installations.

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