the myth of sisyphus – camus

‘there is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide’

my favourite parts of the book (penguin books ver) have been marked out with a sticker on pages 18, 53, 67, 84, 112. essentially this translated version speaks of absurdity and the reason for human existence with large influences from the myth of sisyphus (a condemned man who was to push a boulder up a mountain and watch it roll back down for eternity – hell as a concept of stasis where effort amounts to no progress). i particularly enjoyed the elaboration on absurdity because it was persuasive and convincing and most of all made the absurd logical. he also analysed works of others in order to prove his point and referred to kierkegaard and, in particular, kafka. what i also liked about this was the various aspects in which the absurd is examined – such as in drama, don juanism, philosophical suicide, and other manifestations of it. a worthy read that is not too heavy.

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